In January 2022, #LastSeen. Pictures of Nazi Deportations will go on tour in a historic truck fitted as an exhibition space. The traveling exhibition will attract attention, drum up support for the initiative and provide research tips. The tour will mainly visit sites where we hope to find new pictures.

The exhibition will raise awareness of the fact that many of the streets and squares where deportees assembled are still part of townscapes today. Visitors will be encouraged to search for more pictures and information in these places. Everyone can help, from local historians to anyone interested in supporting the project. The exhibition will explain exactly how to do this.

Contributors will help the #LastSeen researchers collect, categorize and process new material and information. We plan to hold special local events where people can bring in privately owned photos from the Nazi era so that historians can look over them and explain what they show. As soon as the exhibition sites have been finalized, the dates and locations will be published here.


»The historic deportations took place in specific locations. This is where we want to spring into action. Unlike so many people back then, we do not want to look away. Instead, we want to look carefully and motivate exhibition visitors to become an important part of the project.«

Dr. Alina Bothe, #LastSeen Project Manager

Steps lead visitors to the exhibition on a historic truck.

Both the exhibition and the #LastSeen project as a whole aim to support exploratory and discovery learning. One of the project’s goals is to foster conscious, active remembrance of the Nazi period. This involves building a bridge from past to present, because thinking about the deportations back then – and how the witnesses behaved – forces us to think about situations today when we look away.


The exhibition in numbers

20.1.22 The exhibition opened in Munich
25 The number of sites to be visited in 2022
5 tons The weight of the exhibition truck
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