#LastSeen. Pictures of Nazi Deportations is an initiative of the Arolsen Archives and the following partners:

»The deportations were an act of degradation that was carried out on a public stage. We want to help give people’s names and stories back to them – and give them back their dignity too.«

Dr. Alina Bothe, #LastSeen Project Manager

Project management

Dr. Alina Bothe is the #LastSeen project manager. She previously curated the exhibition “Expelled! Berlin, October 28, 1938: The History of the ‘Polish Operation’” in 2016-18. She is currently completing a post-doctoral thesis on the persecution of Jews with Polish citizenship in the German Reich between 1938 and 1942. She has received numerous international fellowships, including the international Teaching Fellowship of the USC Shoah Foundation.

Alina Bothe’s publications include:

  • Die Geschichte der Shoah im virtuellen Raum: Eine Quellenkritik, Munich 2019
  • Ausgewiesen! Berlin, 28. Oktober 1938. Die Geschichte der “Polenaktion”, Berlin 2018 (together with Gertrud Pickhan)
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